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Health Check
Treatment System and Improving it's Efficiency
For value for money and effective long term performance it’s essential you choose the optimum sewage treatment and disposal method for your business, as well as ensuring that it works efficiently to enable continuous discharge compliance. 

Our scientific officer will provide confidential expert advice on how to ensure your system is working to its maximum efficiency.

Your Septic Tank / Treatment Plant will hopefully be fully compliant but it may suffer from erratic loads due to  seasonality or it may require specialist advice on  husbanding  unit e.g. chemicals, fat, oil and grease. Variables are subject to your site usage being checked and a specific site programme being produced.

Discharge from  WWTP is critical  we can help you to ensure your site is designed to get maximum drainage from its size or if you are discharging to a watercourse you may want to consider a passive treatment system such as a reed bed. All systems no matter their age, size or capacity need to stay healthy and meet with  current  regulations. Monitoring is an essential part of maintenance.

In all cases we can offer assistance on effluent quality to ensure your plant will consistently comply with Environment Agency standards and to maximise its efficiency.

The survey should consist of:
•  Sampling and analysis from crude sewage inlet and final effluent discharge samples to ‘snapshot’ current performance.
Determination of theoretical load to the works based on Population Equivalents (PE) and type of influent waste water.
Confirmation of Effluent Discharge Consent Conditions and compliance / failure - pass rates.
Assessment of any impacts on treatability for example storm water or groundwater infiltration, rising solids due to filamentous organisms  or septicity.
Assessment of de-sludging arrangements and frequencies.
Assessment of site Health and Safety.
Assessment of process control and plant operation and maintenance.
Visual check of process plant to include mechanical and electrical items.
Advise on any repairs required, annual service costs or the cost of a maintenance package.
 Report to include:
• A summary of findings.
• Results of the sample analyses.
• Recommendations.
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